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Workshops are an amazing opportunity for dancers to work with new teachers and choreographers. It gives the dancer a chance to work in a new environment, learn a different dance style, teaching style and new tricks!  At Astounding Heights we firmly believe that bringing in guest teachers helps to keep our dancers motivated, fresh, adaptable to different styles, and prepares our students for future careers in dance.

 A dancer from any school can attend a workshop. All dancers are expected to come in proper and clean attire, as well as respectful attire, for the teachers and students around them. If an issue arises the dancer will be asked to leave and their parents will be duly notified. Dancers are encouraged to bring peanut-free snacks and reusable water bottles, as there will be time in between classes for refreshments. Some refreshments are sold at the office for a minimum price.

 Spaces are limited, and we encourage our clients to call or email to book their spots. 

**Spots are not booked until the workshop is paid in full**

Depending on the workshop, waiting lists may apply.

Current Workshops

Watch for Workshops being Scheduled Soon!

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